powerIO Box zur dezentralen Gebäudeautomation 4.0

The company powerIO®

From a vision to a company

Decentralized building automation is the future of all smart buildings!
A vision has grown, developed and become reality. From practice and with about 30 years of experience in the planning and construction of functional buildings such as industry, offices, municipalities, hotels, schools and many more, a decentralized installation system for building automation has been developed.
Instead of laying miles of cable from central control cabinets to all sensors and actuators in a star configuration and laboriously wiring each connection, the powerIO® system enables a true revolution!

“The powerIO®-System requires less installation, coordination and costs - and offers more control and information. In this way, we can connect people and technology, environment and energy as well as life and comfort. This is how we ensure a successful future. For each of your projects!”

Lukas Pfänder – CEO powerIO GmbH


Our partners in the region

pfänder Gebäudesystemtechnik

Pfänder GmbH 
The high-tech company has been in existence for more than 30 years and has earned itself an excellent reputation among experts in the field of building systems technology. The Pfänder GmbH is a system integrator of powerIO® and supervises many projects in southern Germany.

Romutec control and regulation systems GmbH

Romutec Steuer- und Regelsysteme GmbH
romutec offers reliable solutions for building automation for more than 25 years. As an innovative and recognized expert, the company cooperates with almost all well-known control companies. romutec is the technology partner of powerIO® and guarantees a high quality manufacturing of all components of the powerIO® system.