powerIO Box - das Herzstück des powerIO Systems

Decentralized building automation

The powerIO®-System in detail

Building automation is used to control heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. We enable a decentralized installation and thus ensure centralized control! This has very lucrative advantages for you and opens up great possibilities for the efficient automation of functional buildings. And that independent of control system providers.

powerIO® is an installation system that essentially consists of three parts:



A cable that transmits communication via Ethernet (TCP/IP) as well as power (230V). This allows information to be transmitted and sensors and actuators to be supplied with power over long distances.



The powerIO®-Line connects the powerIO®-Boxes. With the boxes several communicative sensors and actuators can be connected over short distances with standardized industrial M12 connectors.



The App turns your smartphone into a measuring device. This gives you control over communicative sensor technology. You can start up and test devices from any manufacturer. Via Bluetooth connection, manual intervention and various service functions are possible.

The powerIO®- system simplifies everything

We enable more efficient control, better monitoring and safer operation than previous conventional systems.


Open system, easily and quickly expandable

  • More possibilities through standardized protocols and freely selectable control system
  • Modularity and decentralization allow an almost free topology


Reduction of cable pull and control cabinet construction by up to 70 %

  • Fewer cables plus up to 30% savings in installation costs
  • High time savings thanks to low coordination effort and reduced construction time
  • Copper and PVC savings and reduction of MSR costs


More control, higher security, fewer connection errors, more data

  • More safety: significant reduction of the fire load
  • More control, fewer connection errors
  • High data traffic possible at high speed

Laying the foundation for the future with powerIO®

Your property becomes an efficient smart building. The system is easily and quickly expandable and thus optimally equipped for future technologies.

powerIO® ensures more efficiency in functional buildings.

We enable more efficient control, better monitoring and safer operation than previous conventional systems.

Easy connection of the systems thanks to standardized M12 connectors. The error rate is reduced. A practical relief in times of shortage of skilled workers!

Less problems at interfaces between companies in the field of measurement and control technology and cable pulling.

Increased security in operational management by means of preventive messages. Optimal for predictive maintenance.

Higher information content transferable. Ideal for communicative devices and intelligent sensors. This enables better system optimization and monitoring.

Powerful, also for large plants. And the 230 V powerIO®-Line also allows long distances to be covered.

Fields of application

From office buildings to industrial halls powerIO® has the perfect solution!