powerIO Gebäudeautomation 4.0

Decentralized. Simple. Visionary.

powerIO® Building automation 4.0

powerIO® combines power and data in only one system. It enables a completely decentralized structure of the building installation and revolutionizes your working method!



Open system, easily and quickly expandable



Reduction of construction time as well as reduction of cable pull and switch cabinet construction by up to 70%



More control, higher security, fewer connection errors, more data


powerIO®It's that simple!

powerIO®-Start Unit

This start coupling unit is used in the control cabinet and transfers data to separate powerIO® lines. The powerIO® system is compatible with any Ethernet-compatible PLC, DDC or BMS!

(PLC = Programmable Logic Controller, DDC = Direct Digital Control, GLT = Building Management System)


You only need our hybrid cable to transfer data (Ethernet TCP/IP, 100 Mbit/s) and power (230V).


The decentralized automation box distributes power and data. Up to 32 powerIO® boxes can be connected to the powerIO® line as required.

Connection of sensors and actuators

The communicative sensors and actuators of the various systems (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology) are connected to the building installation via the powerIO® boxes.

Connections: High compatibility with leading manufacturers

All common sensors and actuators can be connected to powerIO®. Protocols like Modbus or BACnet from different manufacturers like Belimo, S+S Regeltechnik, Grundfos, Wilo, Oppermann Regelgeräte, ebm-papst, Rosenberg Ventilatoren, Ziehl-Abegg.

powerIO®-Expansion boards: Many protocols possible

If RS485 with standard protocols (Modbus/BACnet) is not sufficient, the system can also be expanded with classic inputs and outputs or other protocols thanks to the powerIO® expansion boards. Available additional protocols: M-Bus, KNX, EnOcean, Ethernet, DALI.


Offers classic connection options (digital and analog inputs and outputs with manual override up to 16A) and is controlled via Modbus RTU - for example in room automation.

powerIO®-Bluetooth Dongle

Allows you to connect the powerIO® box with the powerIO® app. This ensures easy commissioning, facilitates service and enables manual override.



Always enough connection options

There is no more efficient way!
Connect all sensors and actuators of a room to one powerIO® box.
For larger systems, simply use additional powerIO® boxes. For example, your complete ventilation system is on one powerIO® line!

powerIO demowall

Live Online Demonstration

3D-Live demonstration wall

Take a look at the powerIO system in real life directly online on our 3D demonstration wall or visit us!


The measuring device always with you!

powerIO®- App

With the powerIO® app you can easily configure the powerIO® box and directly commission a wide range of well-known devices. Modbus test without laptop or controller.

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