T1.S110 powerIO®-StartUnit

T1.S110 Front
T1.S110 SV
  • T1.S110 Front
  • T1.S110 SV

The powerIO®-StartUnit is the beginning of the powerIO®-Line. Here the 4 communication wires of up to 2 hybrid lines with the correct color code can be connected directly. Same mounting connections as with the powerIO®-Box allow easy, fast and error-free installation. The powerIO®-StartUnit can be installed in the switch cabinet or in the electrical distribution board. (top hat rail mounting). With 3 RJ45 Ethernet connections an existing network can be integrated (e.g. controller or touch panel).

Typ: T1.S100

Technical data

  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet switch for DIN rail mounting.


  • 5-port switch, 2x for powerIO®-Line, 3x RJ45 patch cable connection
  • 24V DC power supply