T1.Y100 powerIO®-Y

  • Y.100
  • Y.200
  • Y.300

The powerIO®-Y serves as a distributor. An M12 cable with open end can be connected directly to the Y-socket via the insulation displacement connectors with the printed colors. Afterwards 2 devices with 24V DC power supply and RS485 bus can be connected. It is up to you to decide whether to plug in again or connect directly.

Typ: T1.Y100 / .Y200 / .Y300

Technical data

  • Y-distributor box for easy connection of 2 communication devices to one powerIO®-Box


  • Input (incoming) with 5 x insulation displacement terminals (24V DC, GND, Bus A, Bus B, Shield)
  • T1.Y100: 2 x outlets with cable gland for connection via spring terminals
  • T1.Y200: 1 x outlet with cable gland for connection via spring terminals. 1 x outlet M12 socket 5-pin A-coded for plug-in.
  • T1.Y300: 2 x outlets M12 socket 5-pin A-coded to plug in.