T1.B100 powerIO®-Box

powerIO T1.B100 Box 1
powerIO T1.B100 Box 3
  • powerIO T1.B100 Box 1
  • powerIO T1.B100 Box 3

Several communicative sensors and actuators can be connected to thepowerIO®-Box over short distances with standardized industrial M12 connectors. The powerIO®-Boxes are integrated decentrally in the building along the powerIO®-Line. Up to 32 powerIO® boxes per powerIO®-Line are possible. If required, each box can be supplemented with one of the different extension boards. With the help of the extension boards different additional protocols can be realized. With the powerIO®-App the box can be parameterized and manufacturer independent, communicative sensors and actuators can be put into operation.

Typ: T1.B100

Technical data

  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet TCP/IP communication including 230V power supply via powerIO®-Line
  • 24V DC/2A power supply unit for the supply of sensors and actuators
  • Web interface and app to configure the
  • Automatic conversion from serial protocols to TCP protocols (e.g.: Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP)
  • LEDs for status display


  • 2 connections (coming/going)
    powerIO®-Line for power 230V and Ethernet communication
  • 2 outlets with microfuse for 230V/6A consumers
  • 4 x M12 5-pin A-coded couplings with RS485, 24V power supply and shield. Connections for actuators/sensors with e.g. Modbus RTU protocol
  • 1x expansion slot for powerIO®-expansion boards
  • 1x Bluetooth service interface for the
    powerIO®-Bluetooth dongle to connect to the powerIO®-App